Bureanomics Ergonomic Demo at Turing Fest

Turing Fest was back in person’ this year and Bureaunomics was delighted to be participating in this leading tech industry event. Visitors to the Bureau Networking lounge tried out some of the best ergonomic furniture available in our Bureaunomics demo area.

Working from Home Survey

Keen to find out how working from home had impacted people physically, we asked visitors to participate in our survey. We weren’t surprised to find that most of the 71 respondents had spent a considerable amount of time working from home. However, it was of concern that nearly half had, in their opinion, suffered pain as a result.

Working from home survey

Assessing Home Workstations

An employer’s duty of care extends to their home working environment. Whether in an office or at home the working environment should be safe and free from risk. Not everyone will require specialist equipment but it’s important that all are assessed to avoid musculoskeletal injury.

Benefit to the employer

We know that prioritising employee well-being helps companies attract the best candidates, increase productivity and reduce absence. But protecting the health and safety of workers is a legal requirement so checking the suitability of a home workstation is essential.

Assess your Team

Our online self-assessment takes two minutes to complete. Once filled in we’ll check a workstation is set up correctly and advise if it’s not. It takes no time at all and in the long run can save your business time and money by preventing sick days.

Thank you to our industry partners Flokk, Lavoro Design, Sedus, Ergotron, Contour Design, Kensington and Bakker Elkhuizen for their support at the event.

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