Ergonomic Workstation Accessories

Improve your posture through our range of footrests, wrist rests and document holders that are designed to enable you to achieve a neutral and comfortable sitting position at the workstation thus helping to reduce any musculoskeletal conditions.

Score 952

Score 952 Height Adjustable Footrest

This extremely strong footrest is made from high-quality materials and is suitable for demanding, long-term use. It is easy to adjust in height from a seated position with your foot. The footrest can be tilted to 48° and is non-slip so you can place your feet in the most comfortable position without them slipping off.

Q doc

Q‑Doc 415

With the Q‑Doc 415 document holder you work in alignment with your keyboard and screen, so your neck will not bend as much because the documents are in front of you.

Go slide

Go Slide

The unique design of the Go Slide allows the document holder to transform into an A3 writing slope by simply gliding the work surface forward over the keyboard, thus avoiding leaning forward. Go SLIDE offers a wide range of easy and quick angle adjustment across 10 combination levels from 6° to 18°.

Ergo rest

ErgoRest Armrest

The ErgoRest provides help for those working with display screen equipment, which places strain on the arms, neck and back. It supports the arms, thereby preventing occupational health problems, easing the tension caused by working with computers and helps guide the body to the correct working posture.

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