Ergonomic Laptop and Tablet Stands

Using a laptop/​tablet stand can significantly help, when using a separate mouse and keyboard, to improve your posture as well as achieving a safe and comfortable setup whether you are working in the office, from home or on the go.


Adjustable Laptop Stand

In its folded down position, the laptop stand is a lightweight aluminium rectangle that slots neatly into your laptop bag for effortless transportation. Unfold the sturdy parts and telescopic wings to create an incredibly strong and stable laptop stand that offers an incredible six choices of height and angle adjustment so you can find the perfect position for your laptop.


Go Mobile

GO MOBILE is a laptop solution specifically designed for compact 10, 11, 12 and 13″ laptops. This stylish product boasts a unique built-in copy holder, 9 height settings and non-slip feet. The GO MOBILE 10 – 13 is unique as it tilts and lift’s the laptop to compensate for the smaller screen.

Ergo Q Hybrid Blank

Ergo Q Hybrid

The Ergo‑Q Hybrid is a compact and light stand suitable for tablets, laptops, and hybrid laptops. This mobile stand has 4 adjustable heights, which lets you use the tablet in landscape or portrait mode.



Suitable for all iPad models, Galaxy, Kindle Fire, and many other tablets up to 13mm in thickness. Compactly folds to 7mm and weighs 207 grams.

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