One of the most effective means of fulfilling your legal obligations is through online self-training and risk assessing.

Bureaunomics has partnered with a market leading software company to offer a wide range of engaging e‑learning courses, including the very latest interactive Agile Working Course as well as both office and home-based DSE training and risk assessment.

The Learning Management System records essential information and provides a fully auditable trail of actions required, or to be taken by your health and safety team.

Some of the key benefits of investing in online safety training and risk assessing courses:

  • Drastically improves compliance rates
  • Reduces administration time and associated costs
  • Improves employee productivity and lessens injury-related discomfort
  • Allows you to easily identify actions and quickly implement solutions

DSE Assessor Training

Our DSE Assessor Course ensures complete beginners have the qualification, expertise, and skills to perform DSE-compliant workstation assessments.

We train people to become DSE assessors so that they can recognise workstation problems in their workplaces and be qualified to support their colleagues. Internal DSE assessors are a cost-effective and convenient means of not only satisfying health and safety legislation, but also having everyone at their workstations comfortable, healthy and productive.

Download our comprehensive DSE assessment checklist here

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