About Bureaunomics

Our mission is to optimise the global workplace ergonomics market, through the creation of intuitive, digital tools, that will revolutionise the workplace ergonomics sector globally.

With over 40 years of combined experience, our dedicated Bureaunomics team offers an ergonomic assessment and solutions service to help you comply with your Health & Safety requirements, while improving employee health, wellness and productivity.

The Bureaunomics Team


Andy Russell

Senior Director Linkedin

Andy Russell founded Bureau in 2016 and has now spent close to 20 years in the industry. Having started his career in office ergonomics, Andy understands the positive impact of good ergonomics for the employee and also on the productivity of the business. With a significant shift in working practices in the last year, Andy recognised an opportunity to use Bureau expertise to offer this additional support.

Michael George

Michael George

Sales Manager LinkedIn

Michael George is an experienced Sales Manager with over 10 years’ experience in the Workplace Ergonomics sector. Michael has an appreciation for the value of understanding market trends and product ranges and how this can inform an effective and consultative approach to harness the very best outcomes for the client. If Michael isn’t spending his free time with his family and friends then you’ll find him cooking in the kitchen, playing football and golf or watching his beloved Leeds United.


David Bell

Commercial Director Linkedin

David Bell has been in the commercial furniture industry for 15 years. He has supported many clients delivering major projects across the UK and internationally. A key aspect of David’s role is helping the business remain ahead of emerging market trends, developing new solutions the company can offer. Enhancing the wellbeing of our client’s people is always at the heart of what drives these decisions.

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